In 2019 our directors noticed that our community needed something different… That each week local club teams were playing the same events, with the same teams, with the same awards, and no incentive. And while Arizona used to attract elite competition to the Valley, from 2017-2019 out of state teams would only come 1-2 times a year–when in fact AZ is one of the handful of places that we are blessed to play all year round.

From winter 2019 and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,  we continued to host innovative events and network with various key individuals in the fast-pitch community and in the fall 2020 we were able to bring 43SityAZ in to fruition. Recently we have linked with The Alliance Fast-pitch, Pacific Coast Fast-pitch League & Triple Crown Sports to bring elite qualifiers, competitive tournaments and showcases that attract elite competition and out-of-state teams to AZ. The quality of our events are important to us that is why we invite the best organizations, teams and coaches from  across the country.

We thank all coaches, players, families and colleges that have supported and continue to support us!